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'Save California' Leader Insults Transgender Man (Video)

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a controversial transgender law on Monday, which allows school children and teens to self-identify their gender, use opposite sex facilities (bathrooms) and play on opposite sex school teams. President Randy Thomasson, who opposes the new law, and Masen Davis, a transgender male and executive director of the Transgender Law Center, appeared on CNN today to discuss the new law and its ramifications, notes

When CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Thomasson what he would do if his child was transgender, he suggested counseling because the child may have been molested or abandoned.

"If a child is sexually confused, they need professional counseling. Lots of children are being molested in America. Lots of children are being are being abandoned by one of their parents and that creates problems with a child's expectations, with their mind. And so a child who is sexually confused, they need counseling," said Thomasson.

Later, Davis defended the law by claiming it was protecting all children. Davis also mentioned being born a female and transitioning later in life to becoming a male.

Thomasson ended the interview by saying, "Good to talk to you ladies."



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