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Savana Jimenez Fakes Gunman Emergency To Get Out Of Traffic Ticket

One woman allegedly made up a crime to help a friend avoid a traffic ticket, police say.

Savana Jimenez, 22, and a group of friends were pulled over on Sunday morning in Roswell. Police say she called 911 hoping that the officer on scene would be dispatched to the fake crime she was calling in, KRQE reported.

As the officer was checking out the driver’s information, Jimenez was in the passenger seat calling 911, police say.

Dispatcher: “Where’s your emergency?”

Suspect: “Yes ma’am, I just saw a guy walk out with a gun at Allsups.”

Dispatcher: “Ok. He went into the store and he was carrying a gun?”

Suspect: “Yeah, he looked like he had one on the side and he was about to go in.”

Dispatcher: “Ok. So you never actually saw the gun you just think he had one?”

Suspect: “Bye.”

Dispatcher: “Hello?”

But the officer had a feeling something wasn’t right.

“The officer noticed that these three females in the vehicle were fidgety, acting king of nervous and he saw one of them with a cell phone on her lap,” Roswell Police Public Information Liaison Sabrina Morales said.

The officer then asked dispatch to trace the call.

“Her phone lit up like it was ringing,” Morales said. “She tried to hide it to conceal the phone.”

Jimenez later admitted to making the entire story up so the cop would attend to the “emergency” and let her and her friends go.

According to the New York Daily News, Morales said Jimenez told police she thought there were warrants out for her arrest, but officials said she did not.

Jimenez was arrested and charged with obstruction, while the other people in the car were not arrested.

Sources: KRQE, New York Daily News


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