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Saudi Man Shoots Himself In The Rear During Ceremonial Rifle Dance (Video)

A seemingly harmless dance at a Saudi wedding went horribly wrong when one man accidentally shot himself in the backside with a rifle.

In the now viral clip, two Saudi men are seen sitting on a rug surrounded by a group of people, each with a rifle in their hands. On cue, the men jump in the air at the same time, apparently about to break out into a choreographed routine, but one accidentally shoots himself in the backside and falls to the ground.

Witnesses begin to rush to the man’s aid as he clutches has backside, probably in pain, before the video ends. While the condition of the man is not known, the Daily Mail points out that a YouTube commenter explained the purpose of the ceremonial rifle dance and said that the rifle is not usually loaded, meaning the man in the video was probably more shocked than he was injured.

Check out the viral clip below.

Sources:Daily Mail, Right Wing News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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