Saudi Man Demands iPhone 6 As Dowry For Sister


It looks like iPhone 6 fever is in full effect.

Gulf News reports today that a Saudi man asked a man who is proposing to his sister to offer an iPhone 6 as a dowry. Once the phone hits the Saudi market, the prospective groom will buy it and give it to his future bride, at which time the marriage will move forward.

The bride’s father asked the groom for a small amount of money as a dowry, but the brother insisted on an iPhone being given.

A Bahraini office clerk called the request “bizarre.”

“We have heard about quite a few of things, but an iPhone 6 that has not even hit the markets here is a bit bizarre,” office clerk Saud Ahmad said. “We need to promote a culture where marriage should not be used by anyone to get gifts or make profits in any way. If I had been the groom, I would have confronted the brother.”

Gulf News reports that younger generations in the Arabian Gulf are trying to phase out the culture of giving expensive and lavish gifts as dowries, but are being met with stiff resistance from older generations.


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