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Saudi College Student Dies After Possible Hate Crime

A 24-year-old student from the University of Wisconsin-Stout died after being attacked outside a pizzeria near campus.

Hussain Saeed Alnahdi was outside Topper's Pizza in downtown Menomonie early Oct. 6 when he was approached by the suspect, described as a six-foot-tall white male, according to the Washington Post. Details of the actual assault are scarce, but police found Alnahdi on the ground, unconscious and bleeding from his mouth and nose. 

He was transferred to two different Mayo Clinics, but died from his injuries. Originally from Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, Alnahdi came to Wisconsin in 2015 to study business administration.

Linda Bark, one of Alnahdi's teachers, tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he was "very popular [and] very well liked" on campus. 

"He was eager to learn, an avid student," she continued. "He wanted to be an actuary. He had goals."

Alnahdi's death has sparked a social media fire storm arguing that his death was racially motivated and a hate crime.

"If this is a hate crime, we will need to rally in peace, Menomonie,” wrote one person, according to the Post.

"The hate that has spread through our country is so sickening," said another.

CNN reports that since Trump has been declared president-elect, hate crimes against Muslims have exploded throughout the country. In one report, a San Diego State University student wearing a hijab was approached by two men who made comments about Trump and Muslims and then stole her purse.

Other reports of racist, Islamophobic or anti-semitic graffiti has also been reported at middle and high schools around the country.

"I absolutely loved teaching the Saudi students who have come to Stout," said Genesea M. Carter, assistant professor in UW-Stout's English and philosophy department, in a Facebook post, per the Post. “Now I am deeply worried about my Saudi students’ safety."

Sources: The Washington Post, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, CNN / Photo Credit: Facebook via The Daily Mail

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