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Saudi Arabian Boy Takes Selfie With Dead Grandfather

Authorities in Saudi Arabia are investigating a controversial selfie of a young teenager sticking his tongue out next to what officials believe was his dead grandfather.

The teenager posted the selfie on social media, captioned “Good bye, Grandfather” with a frowning emoticon labeled “feeling sad.”

"The health authorities in Madinah are looking into the case and assessing whether the selfie was taken at a hospital in the area," said Abdul Razak Hafedh, Madinah’s head of public relations and media. 

"Should that be the case, action will certainly be taken against all culprits for allowing or failing to prevent such an immoral act," he added. "The security authorities will also be alerted to take action against the teenager for his irresponsible behavior and for his violation of public morals."

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Social media users are flabbergasted and question how the hospital staff allowed this to happen, saying that both the young boy and the hospital had failed to respect the dead man.

Saudi lawyer Saud Al Harbi said that the selfie is a crime punishable by law, reports Gulf News.

"It is a terrible provocation of common feelings and a flagrant violation of public morals," Harbi said. "The society completely rejects such attitudes that are not condoned in any way by its values or traditions."

Mansoor Hamed Al Hazmi voiced a distaste that many Saudis feel towards some teenagers who are moving away from social norms.

"This segment of teenagers is keen on shocking society by adopting outrageous attitudes, such as quarrelling, group fights, speeding, or raising the volume of the car radio," he said. "Some of them simply want to draw attention to themselves."

This is not the first controversial selfie in Saudi Arabia. The Daily Mail reported that, in April, a well-dressed man took a selfie next to a poor migrant girl who was looking through trash and wearing an al-Ittihad soccer jersey.

“Look where al-Ittihad is, in the bin,” the caption read.

Many Saudis were outraged at the man’s insensitivity and pledged over $100,000 to the girl in the picture.

Sources: Daily Mail, Gulf News

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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