Saudi Arabian Airline Refuses to Let Israeli Citizens Fly From U.S. Airports


Saudi Arabian Airlines has refused to fly Israeli passport holders out of U.S. Airports reports the New York Post.

When purchasing tickets from the Airline’s website, the customer must input his or her nationality. Left conspicuously absent, however, is the nation of Israel. This is not an oversight either. The drop-down menu even includes Antarctica.

New York Mayoral candidate, Bill de Blasio, conducted the probe that revealed the discrimination. One of Blasio’s staffers called the airline to book a ticket claimed to be Israeli and recorded the response.

 “I’m an Israeli citizen, and I didn’t see my nationality on there,” The staffers asksed. “I was wondering if I could just order the ticket through you.” However the agent responded, “Since you have Israeli nationality, you will not be allowed to go on Saudi Airlines.”

Although the company likely does not violate Saudi Arabian law, for the airline to operate in the United States, it must abide by federal law, mandating each “air carrier or foreign air carrier may not subject a person in air transportation to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or ancestry.”

“We won’t stop with just exposing these practices,” warned Blasio. “We’ll pursue this with authorities in Albany and in Washington until Israeli nationals’ rights are respected.”

Sources: New York Post, Fox News


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