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Satanist Sentenced To Life In Prison For Dismembering, Eating Woman He Had Sex With

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A Tennessee man was sentenced to life in prison for dismembering and eating a woman he had sex with.

37-year-old Gregory Scott Hale was charged with premeditated murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence after he brutally murdered 36-year-old Lisa Marie Hyder in June of last year. The abuse and tampering charges were later dismissed in a plea agreement.

Hale reportedly met Hyder at a liquor store where she worked on June 6, and the two soon went to Hale’s home and began having sex. Following the sexual encounter, Hale murdered Hyder.

“He told investigators that he fulfilled an obsession in wanting to kill a person and dismembering them,” District Attorney Craig Northcott said in court.

Neighbors allegedly knew Hale, a former slaughterhouse worker, as a devil worshiper who was fired from his job after being caught performing a “satanic ritual.” Hale’s Facebook page featured disturbing and sexually explicit images, and his posts often made references to cannibalism.

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Police became aware of the murder after Hale went to a neighbor’s house and asked to borrow a shovel so he could “bury a body.” Authorities later searched Hale’s home and discovered a burnt torso with the hands, feet and head cut off and placed in a bucket. Hyder’s heart was also found in a neighbor’s yard.

Hale admitted to police that he ate part of Hyder’s body.

Hyder’s ex-husband, Charles, said that despite the gruesome murder, he and his two children forgive Hale for what he did.

“Lisa and I were married for six years and had two children, a 4-year old and a 6-year old,” Hyder said. “The children are too young to understand what has happened so I just told them that mama got sick and she has gone to live with God.”

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Lisa Hyder’s father, Billy Poore, admitted that he is unable to forgive Hale for the brutal murder of his eldest daughter.

“She has two sisters and a brother who live in Ohio and they are having to try and cope with not having her with them anymore,” Poore said. “He is an animal and needs to be put away and never get out. I cannot forgive him.”

Poore said that his daughter would have celebrated her 37th birthday this month.

“I will never have her back,” he said. “May God have mercy on him.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Tullahoma News / Photo Credit: Facebook


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