Sarah Palin Suggests Gas Drilling to Fight Global Warming


At a hearing on Tuesday, Alaska Gov.Sarah Palin acknowledged that global warming is a problem in her state, and suggested natural gasdrilling as a means of tackling the problem.

"We Alaskans are living with the changes that you are observing in Washington," she said. "The dramatic decreases in the extent of summer sea ice, increased coastal erosion, melting of permafrost, decrease in alpine glaciers and overall ecosystem changes are very real to us."

Palin, who popularized the slogan “Drill, baby, drill,” has often been criticized for her environmental policies, but at Tuesday’s hearing she focused largely on the issue of climate change. "Stopping domesticenergy production of preferred fuels does not solve the issues associated with global warming and threatened or endangered species, but it can make them worse," she said.

"Meeting these goals will require a dramatic increase . . . to preferred available fuels, including natural gas, that have a very low carbon footprint . . . These available fuels are required to supply the nation's energy needs during the transition to green energy alternatives."

Some Alaska conservationists, though, have already expressed skepticism over Palin’s proposed plan, the Los Angeles Times reports. 


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