Sarah Palin Polling as GOP Favorite for 2014 Alaskan Senate Race

Alaskans are still a little nostalgic for the Sarah Palin era, apparently, as she seems to be the state's front runner in the 2014 Senate election.

A poll conducted by Harper Polling shows that Palin, Alaska’s ex-governor and a former vice presidential nominee, is leading the other two Republican senate nominee hopefuls, Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell and 2010 GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller. According to the poll, Palin is pulling at 32 percent, Treadwell is close behind at 30 percent, and Miller lags with a small 14 percent favorability.

These numbers, however, are soft considering 24 percent of respondents said they are unsure of who they would vote for, leaving plenty of opportunity for any of the candidates to quickly become a front runner. In addition, the sample size was only 379 people with over a 5 percent margin of error, which discredits much of the data as well.

Palin seemed to poll strongest among those who considered themselves “very conservative,” leading Treadwell 43 percent to 23 percent.

The GOP is already gearing up for next year’s Senate race in order to win back late Sen. Ted Steven’s seat. Stevens was replaced by Democrat Sen. Mark Begich, who has a tough election ahead of him. Though Begich will be the incumbent, he has only served one term in his Republican-leaning state, so the GOP has placed a target on his back in order to unseat him before he has the opportunity to become popular.

Palin has not yet publicly announced her intention to run for Senate, but tea party supporters are pushing the ex-governor to come back and run for the seat. 

Sources: Washington Times, Harper Polling 


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