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Sarah Palin Calls Grandon Tripp's Father a 'Deadbeat Dad' (Video)

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin quickly dismissed questions about her grandson’s father Levi Johnston, calling him a “deadbeat dad”.

Johnston, who had a son with Bristol Palin, filed for equal custody earlier this month.

Whether the request for custody is a true concern for his child's welfare, or the fact that he's $66,000 behind in child support is uncertain.

When TMZ caught Palin emerging from her car, she was asked whether he would win custody or not.

Palin called the question the “stupidest” thing she’d ever heard, then called Johnston a deadbeat dad.

“Yeah, deadbeat dad, more power to him,” Palin said. “Get a clue.”

In 2008, when their child was born, Palin and Johnston agreed that the two would share legal custody, but that Palin would have full physical custody.

Johnston has since criticized Palin’s parenting and now plans to fill for full custody.

Tripp, their son, is not Johnston’s only child. In 2012, his new wife gave birth to a daughter.

Sources: The Huffington Post, TMZ


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