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Sara Volz Has $100,000 Science Laboratory In Her Bedroom

A high school senior from Colorado is trying to develop a way to turn algae into fuel from a $100,000 laboratory that is housed in her bedroom.

Sara Volz, 17, attended the annual White House Science Fair last week. Her unique situation was recognized by President Obama.

“We got Sara Volz, who is breeding new types of algae,” Obama said. “Where’s Sara? [Volz stands up to audience applause]. There’s Sara. Sara is breeding new types of algae. She stores them in a lab in her room. So Sara, you have very supportive parents.”

Volz spoke about her bedroom laboratory:

“For most of my growth experiments, they have to be very closely monitored. Sometimes I’m sampling every day or more than once a day. And so for that I need something a little closer to home.”

She got most of the money for her lab after winning $100,000 in the Intel Science Talent Search. Volz will also use some of that money for her tuition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Volz will begin attending MIT next fall, The Inquisitr reported.

“I’m thinking I want to go into academia,” Volz said. “So do basically what I’m doing, except with better labs. As human beings, we are scientists, because we’re curious, we question. That’s what science is.”

Sources: The Inquisitr CBS News


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