Sara Soto Finally Speaks Out About Bizarre Naked Doggy Door Incident


Last year, a 25-year-old woman was arrested after a homeowner found that she had entered his home through a doggy door and sat naked in his bathtub. Now, that woman is speaking out about her bizarre outburst.

Sara Elizabeth Soto was arrested in Weatherford, Texas after the homeowner discovered his doggy door damaged at one in the morning and Soto sitting naked in his bathtub. When the story went viral, many were legitimately confused by the woman’s actions, but now, she is speaking out about what happened.

Soto told MTV News that on the night of the incident, her parents revealed to her that she was adopted. She was obviously upset, so she decided to leave, and while she was driving, she claims an 18-wheeler spun out of control and forced her into a ditch. When an officer arrived to help her, she reportedly asked to use his phone to call her mom, but he refused and told her it wasn’t his problem.

“I thought [the cop] was going to help me get help,” recalled Soto. “I ask to use a phone to call my mom. … These are his exact words: ‘That’s not my problem; there’s a gas station three blocks that way.’ The cop did not help me call my mom — he sent me walking in a little black dress. … I didn’t have any money. Nothing’s open, I bet. … It was a good bit past midnight.”

The Weatherford police department denies those claims and says that if the officer really told her that, he would have been disciplined.

“I walk toward some houses — maybe somebody will let me use their phone,” continued Soto. “I knocked on six houses and nobody opened the door. … I was scared ’cause I was by myself. What if [someone] brings me in the house and that’s the last you ever hear of me? I start going to people’s backyards. I’ve NEVER broken into a house before. I have music in my head, I have Led Zeppelin going, I’m in ninja mode. [I decide] I’ll grab a cell phone, call my mom and leave. I’ll meet her at an intersection. I’m going by windows in people’s backyards, and I’m nervous. I see this doggy door.”

“What went through my mind subconsciously was, if I take off my dress at this doggy door, I cannot get blamed for stealing anything [or having a weapon] if I have nowhere to put it,” Soto claimed. “Two, the shock factor. If somebody were to be in there, whether it was a male or female, they’d ask me, ‘Are you OK? So I take off my dress and panties at the doggy door, so they wouldn’t shoot me…so they’re not scared of me stealing or trying to kill anybody.”

Soto says that despite reports she climbed through the doggy door, she actually reached through and unlocked the door to let herself inside. Once in the home, Soto says the alarm went off and she panicked, so she went into the bathroom and sat in the bathtub before the homeowner found her. Once the man and his wife called the police, Soto was arrested and charged.

Soto, an aspiring rapper, now says she’s not upset about the fame she gained on the Internet following the incident, and even though people have said cruel things about her, she doesn’t take them personally.

“I work on my music, I’ve made money off my music, and I’ll be on tour [with other Texas rappers]. My partner is setting it up right now; we’re going to get on a bus and see how long we’re going to be out,” said Soto. “I’m happy about it, I’m already working on my music. I didn’t mean to do all this — it was like a publicity stunt, but I didn’t do it for that. I’m just wild and free, and that’s what America’s supposed to be about, right?”

Sources: Huffington Post, MTV News, NY Daily News


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