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Sara Elizabeth Soto Breaks Into Home Through Pet Door, Takes Bath

A woman was arrested after she allegedly broke into a home by crawling through the pet door and sat in the homeowner's bathtub naked.

Sara Elizabeth Soto, 25, told police that she did not do anything wrong and was just in the house because she wanted to use the phone. She was arrested in Weatherford, Texas at 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

Soto was heard entering the home through the pet door in the middle of the night. When the homeowners went down the stairs to investigate, they found that the dog door was damaged.

At first, they thought an animal snuck into their home.

But then they found that Soto was lying naked in their bathtub.

They later found her black dress outside their home and brought it back to her so she could get dressed.

They called police and authorities arrested her once they arrived.

She was described by police as being 4'11" and weighing 110 pounds.

She was charged with a misdemeanor trespass and criminal mischief. She is held on $4,000 bond at Parker County Jail.

Sources: Fox,Daily Mail


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