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First Grader Shocked To Learn Santa's Identity (Video)

A Virginia boy got a Christmas surprise that made for a truly heartwarming moment, which was caught on film (video below).

Santa Claus paid a very special visit to a first glade class in Stafford, Virginia, to help prepare them for Christmas, WTXF reports.

Student Jackson Rescott knew exactly what he wanted for Christmas.

His father is Marine Staff Sgt. David Rescott, who has been serving overseas in Kuwait for most of the year. As far as Jackson knew, his father wasn't going to be home until Jan. 8.

When it was Jackson's turn to talk to Santa, he walked to the front of the class and told him what he wanted.

"I want an Xbox One for Christmas..." he told Santa. "...I also want my dad."

Santa then told Jackson,"I think I have a bit of Christmas magic for you." He then began removing his costume, piece by piece. He took off his hat, then the hair, beard, and eyebrows and revealed his real identity.

Jackson was shocked to see that Santa was in fact his father. His jaw dropped and he gave his dad a big hug, telling him, "I love you."

Jackson's mom planned the surprise in October when she learned her husband would be coming home before Christmas, according to CNN. She kept the plan secret for months. 

When Jackson asked how he was feeling after seeing his dad, he had a simple answer: "Awesome."

Sources: WTXFCNNCNN via YouTube / Photo Credit: WTXF

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