Santa and Helper Get Drunk and Crash Horse-Drawn Sleigh, Face Drunk Driving Charges (Photos)


Santa Clause and his helper had a little too much eggnog while riding through a Polish town on their sleigh. While cruising down the street waving at onlookers, a passing car beeped at them, which startled their horse, and the pair was thrown out onto the street.

Santa and his helper were left sprawled out on the street injured as people attempted to help, and once they were brought to the hospital, authorities discovered they both were intoxicated. Now, they are facing charges of drinking while operating a horse-drawn vehicle.

One witness, Zdzislaw Molodynski, described the incident as “quite extraordinary.”

"They were supposed to have been an attraction at the local market and lots of people were taking their children there to go and see them,” explained Molodynski. “But instead they saw these two, who were clearly under the influence, behaving like they had just come out of a nightclub or something. Then a car started beeping them, which threw the horse into a panic. It reared up and sent them smashing into the wall on the corner of the street.”

“It was a mixture of ‘Ho, ho, ho’ and ‘No, no, no’," Molodynski added.

Another onlooker, Magda Dudzinska, says she was happy her seven-year-old child didn’t have an interaction with the pair.

"I’m not happy they had a crash or are in hospital, but I’m delighted we didn’t get to meet them,” said Dudzinska. “Who knows what they would have done in that state. The were clearly in no state to deal with children."

Both Santa, 51, and the helper, 31, were taken to the hospital and treated for concussions. Authorities say they are considering pressing charges because, technically, the two were operating a vehicle on the road while drunk.

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