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Sanford, Florida Officials Preparing for Riots Over Zimmerman Verdict (Video)

Sanford, Florida Police Chief Cecil Smith and other city officials are worried that the George Zimmerman trial verdict may cause a riot so they have put together a law enforcement plan, which appears to be targeted at African-Americans.

Sanford police are going into what appear to be black neighborhoods to calm people down in case Zimmerman is found not guilty of murdering unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

“Our worst fear is that we will have people from outside of the community coming in and stirring up….violence in the community,” Chief Smith told CNN.

However, police are talking to people who live inside the community of Sanford, not monitoring who is coming in from the outside.

Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett told CNN that Sanford wants to avoid "that one person who came to town to throw rocks through a window or start a fight, you know or do something that would provoke someone, a provocation of violence."

When asked if he was worried about a Rodney King type of riot in Sanford, City Manager Norton Bonaparte said: "I’m saying that’s a scenario that’s certainly a possibility."

Chief Smith said his forces would be working with the "sheriff's department and as far as the particulars of the plan, we are not releasing."

CNN reporter David Mattingly also added that Sanford police are going to be ready in case the verdict is guilty and the "celebrating gets out of hand."

Both scenarios reported by CNN and Sanford officials strongly suggest that it is black people, not white who are going to riot in favor, or against, the verdict.

Source: CNN


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