Sandy Hook 'Truther' Steals Memorial Sign of Slain Girl (Video)

Sandy Hook "truthers" are people who believe the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Conn., never happened and was actually a "false flag" government operation to seize guns.

This theory has been pushed on conspiracy websites such as Alex Jones' InfoWars.com and WorldNet Daily because officials have not released pictures of the 26 victims' bodies from the Dec. 14, 2012, mass shooting.

A black peace sign that read "Love, Grace" at the Grace McDonnell playground in Mystic, Conn., was stolen last week by an unidentified man (video below), notes CBS New York.

He then called Lynn McDonnell and told her that the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened and her daughter Grace “never existed.”

The Grace McDonnell playground was built by the Where Angels Play Foundation as part of 26 playgrounds to honor all 26 victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, which included 20 children.

The foundation has ordered a replacement sign.

"We are going to keep moving forward," MaryKate Lavin, executive director of the Where Angels Play Foundation, told NBC Connecticut. "This is not going to stop us, but it is heartbreaking."

In Hartford, Conn., someone wrote "Peace 2 Sandy Hook" on that playground peace sign. That sign will be replaced, but there will also be another sign erected where people can leave messages.

Sources: CBS New York and NBC Connecticut


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