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Sandy Hook Shooter's Mom Planned to Buy Him Gun for Christmas

A new book about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn. offers a peek into the bizarre world of shooter Adam Lanza and his mother Nancy Lanza.

According to Newtown: An American Tragedy by Matthew Lysiak, all the guns used by Adam to kill 26 people in five minutes were bought legally by Nancy.

According to, Lysiak's book claims that Nancy was a constant caregiver for her son Adam, who had numerous neurological conditions, no friends, rarely left his room, didn't like to be touched and often communicated with his mother by email.

A friend of Nancy's describes her as a pro-gun advocate who believed in “live free or die” and “came from a culture of guns.”

Nancy believed that gun target practice was a healthy way to bond with Adam, which began when he was only 4.

However, by 2012, Nancy was concerned that Adam had become even more withdrawn, was playing violent video games and dressed in military outfits. Adam created an indoor shooting range in the house and used a pellet gun to fire at paper targets, says the book, notes USA Today.

The book says that Nancy went into her 20-year-old son's room and found drawings that included “gruesome depictions of death, images of mutilated corpses" and a “grassy field lined with the corpses of young children.”

Adam also had a “massive spreadsheet, seven feet long and four feet wide” that ranked “the top five hundred mass murderers in world history.” He would become the biggest mass murderer in US history.

But Nancy was afraid to confront her son, who was heavily armed, about the bizarre drawings because “she feared he might further shut her out” and “he would be lost forever.”

After the Sandy Hook shooting, Lysiak claims that authorities found a check from Nancy to Adam for his upcoming Christmas present, another gun.

Sources: and USA Today


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