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Sandy Hook School Parents Recall Shooting, Call for Gun Control (Video)

Some of the parents of the children that were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School gave a dramatic interview on CBS News on Sunday (video below).

The families are going to be lobbying Congress for stricter gun control laws this week.

The parents of children Dylan Hockley, Ana Marquez-Greene, Benjamin Wheeler, Daniel Barden and Jesse Lewis spoke to '60 Minutes,' as did and the mother of teacher Lauren Rousseau and the husband of school psychologist Mary Sherlach, reports CBS News.

 “He was known as the kid that would talk to somebody sitting alone. He was genuinely an old soul,” Mark Barden described his late son Daniel.

 “He was always smiling, and always laughing. And he was very pure, possibly because of his age, he was six, and possibly because he was autistic,” said Nicole Hockley of her son, Dylan.

Neil Heslin recalled that son Jesse Lewis “was my best friend and my buddy. He’d introduce himself as Jesse and daddy. He was my whole life,” reports

The parents also said they supported the proposed gun laws up for a vote in Congress this week.

“They have to be our government and vote up or down. They have to vote,” said Mark Barden. “The universal background check is very important."

“It’s just a simple arithmetic,” said Bill Sherlach. “If you have to change magazines 15 times instead of five times, you have three times as many incidents as where something could jam, something could be bobbled. You just increase the time for intervention. You increase the timeframe where kids can get out. And there’s 11 kids out there today that are still running around on the playground pretty much now at lunchtime.”

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