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Grandmother Sandra Layne Sentenced For Murder of Grandson

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A 75-year-old West Bloomfield grandmother, Sandra Layne, was sentenced to 22 years in prison yesterday after shooting her grandson to death.

“I wish I had seen signs of how evil she was.” Jennifer Hoffman, Layne’s daughter, told ABC.

Layne acquired a gun after weeks living in fear of her grandson, Jonathon, and later shot him after he threatened to run away. Six shots were fired, two of which can be heard during a 911 phone call recording.

The jury rejected Layne’s claim of self-defense, given evidence that there was no sign of harm.

During the trial Layne said that she had regretted allowing her grandson to live with her. She had intended for him to finish high school, though he turned to drugs and remained on probation.  She had grossly underestimated his troubles and her ability to care for him.

“Everything she said in that statement was a lie.” Hoffman said. “If given the opportunity [she] would surely kill again”.

Sources: CBS, Detroit Free Press


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