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Sandra Bland's Toxicology Report Released

On Monday, the Waller County District Attorney released Sandra Bland’s toxicology report, which showed that she had ingested marijuana shortly before she died.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the report was short and did not include much new information about Bland, who allegedly committed suicide in jail on July 13, after a traffic stop arrest. It appears that she had marijuana in her system and nothing else, according to the toxicology report.

District Attorney Elton Mathis, who released the report, said at the news conference that officials will conduct additional tests, although he declined to comment on the findings of the toxicology report.

Mathis also announced that a committee of outside law experts, led by former attorneys Lewis White and Darrell Jordan, will investigate the death that has sparked nationwide controversy, reports NBC.

"There are many lingering questions regarding the death of Sandra Bland, and I've asked Mr. White and Mr. Jordan to assist me in asking those hard questions and making sure they are answered in a timely and appropriate manner as the evidence takes shape and is presented to my office," he said.

The county grand jury will most likely hear the investigation’s findings around August, according to Mathis.

"Any federal agency is welcome to come to Waller County," Mathis added. "We want this county to be an open book."

Both medical examiners and an autopsy report, which was released Friday, ruled the death a suicide, reports the Dallas Morning News. Both Texas Rangers and the FBI are formally investigating her death and arrest.

Bland’s family has said that they saw no indications that the 28-year-old was depressed, and many people find the conditions of her sudden death to be suspicious.

Sources: Dallas Morning News, NBC
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Waller County


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