Sanders Raises More Than $43 Million In March


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is set to have another massive fundraising month, raising nearly $44 million in March.

On March 31, the senator's campaign said it raised more than $39.7 million in March, according to U.S. News. Sanders out-raised his record-breaking month in February, bringing his 2016 total to an astonishing $109 million.

"If we were to raise more money by the end of this month at midnight tonight, it would send an unmistakable message to the media and the establishment: we are going to win this campaign and the White House," Sanders wrote in an email to supporters, U.S. News reported.

The fundraising haul follows three significant wins against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii on March 26. Sanders and Clinton are set to face off in Wisconsin on April 5 and New York on April 19, with 291 delegates are up for grabs in the Empire State alone.

Clinton has yet to release fundraising numbers for March, though she acknowledged Sanders' momentum in an email to her supporters.

"Even with our delegate lead, we can't underestimate Senator Sanders and his team," the March 31 email wrote, USA Today reported.

Sanders held his first rally in New York on March 31, garnering 15,000 people at St. Mary's Park in Mott Haven.

"This campaign is about creating a political revolution," he said at the rally, the New York Daily News reported. "You are the heart and soul of this revolution.”

Sanders said that real change "takes place when millions of people look around them and say the status quo is unacceptable," a message he has run his campaign on by advocating for campaign finance reform and the implementation of more socialist-inspired programs.

"Bernie Sanders is for us, he’s not trying to hand it all to the big banks," corrections officer Nicole Revis told the Daily News. "We have people out here who kill themselves to barely put food on the table. Bernie represents us.”

Prior to the rally, Sanders spoke to an overflow crowd of 2,000 people outside of the official rally area.

"It looks like the South Bronx is prepared to tell the billionaire class that they cannot have it all," he said. "It looks like the South Bronx wants to create an economy that works for all of us not just the one perecent.”

Sources: U.S. News, USA Today, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Wikipedia

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