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Sanders: I Want To Run Against Trump (Video)

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont wants to run against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 general election (video below).

“I’m prejudiced—I want Trump to win the Republican nomination and I would love the opportunity to run against him," Sanders said Feb. 3 during a CNN town hall in Derry, New Hampshire. "I think we would win by a lot."

Sanders also said that he thinks Trump is a candidate who does not support working Americans, and poked fun at his climate change theory.

“Trump is, as you know, a well-known scientist. Brilliant scientist. And he has concluded after years of studying the issue that climate change is a hoax. Brought to us by the Chinese," Sanders said. "Now that shocked me … because I thought that he would have thought it was a hoax brought to us by the Mexicans or the Muslims. Chinese I didn’t quite get.

“But the point is, If you examine his agenda, it is not an agenda for working Americans.”

Trump took to Twitter to respond to Sanders’ comment about battling him for the White House.

“Sanders says he wants to run against me because he doesn’t want to run against me,” Trump tweeted. “He would be so easy to beat!”

Sanders is currently leading in the New Hampshire polls against Clinton, by an average of 15.8 points, according to Real Clear Politics. Trump is also the leader in the state against all GOP candidates. The New Hampshire primary is set to take place Feb. 9.

But Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, still sees himself as the underdog in the election.

"Of course we're an underdog. We are taking on the most powerful political organization in the country," Sanders said at the CNN town hall. "We started this campaign nationally, as you well know, 40, 50, points behind Secretary Clinton ... I think it's fair to say we have come a pretty long way in the last nine months."

Sources: CNN, Donald Trump on Twitter, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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