San Luis Obispo County Pays $20,000 to Replace Medical Marijuana


In yet another black mark against the current sheriff’s administration, San Luis Obispo County cut a $20,000 check on Monday to a medical marijuana user whose cannabis was wrongfully destroyed.

In what appears to be the first time a government body has reimbursed a medical marijuana user for destroying their cannabis, the county paid 46-year-old Kimberly Marshall the equivalent of $3,333 per pound, the replacement value for this specially grown outdoor strain.

In a request for prosecution that was ultimately rejected by the county district attorney’s office, Sheriff’s Deputy David Walker noted that Marshall had in her possession a medical marijuana card and a physician’s statement that allowed her to possess up to six pounds of dried marijuana buds.

Following a liver cancer diagnosis, doctors informed Marshall she had less than a year to live. Though currently in remission, daily nausea, a side effect of the cancer treatment, has caused her weight to drop to as low as 98 pounds.

In addition, a car accident left Marshall with two herniated discs, a fractured disc and a broken disc. Marshall has endured two back surgeries, has constant pain and for days at a time is bedridden.

via County pays $20,000 to replace medical marijuana | Cal Coast News.

Hooray!  And how needlessly cruel this sheriff was for picking on the 98 lb. puking cancer patient with the broken back in the first place!


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