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San Jose Police Officer Phillip White Tweets Threatening Message To Protestors

The San Jose Police Department is reviewing one of its officer’s behavior after he tweeted a series of threatening messages aimed at those demonstrating against police brutality.

Officer Phillip White described himself as a “public servant” on his Twitter profile. He recently spoke at Christopher Elementary School about gang prevention, warning fifth-grade students about the consequences of actions.

Unfortunately, White would quickly learn the consequences of his own actions when he tweeted, “By the way if anyone feels they can’t breathe or their lives matter I’ll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun” over the weekend. Directly after his tweet, the officer went on to write that he will use his “God given and law appointed right and duty to kill” anyone who threatened him or his family.

White has since deleted the controversial tweets and locked his account.

This was not the first time White gave his commentary on the recent protests.  

When the University of California, Berkeley, women’s basketball team showed their support for black citizens whose lives were taken recently, White tweeted: “I will now list all cops killed by thugs just for doing their jobs. New unfollow for both of you! #Copslivesmatter.” He went on to remind them that tax-paying cops pay for their education.

White also taunted those who protested, questioning their dedication. On Dec. 8, he tweeted: “Nothing like some torrential rain & wind to quell a protest. Let’s see how important this really is to them when they’re drenched.” On Dec. 11, he tweeted, “Just wondering...where are the protesters today? #ICantSwim.”

Police spokesperson Sgt. Heather Randol told BuzzFeed News that White’s behavior is currently under review. “We have forwarded the matter up the chain of command for review,” Randol said. “We can provide a response upon the completion of the review process.”

Source: BuzzFeedYoutube / Photo Credit: BuzzFeed


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