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San Jose Man Drives into Walmart Store, Attacks Customers

An unidentified man drove a red four-door car 10 to 20 feet into a San Jose Walmart around 11:15 on Sunday morning. He then proceeded to assault customers with a blunt object inside the store, according to police reports.

At least four people were hurt in the incident, one of whom was taken to a local hospital after sustaining serious injuries. Three others were treated for non-life-threatening injuries, according to officer Albert Morales of the San Jose Police Department.

Police are investigating a motivation behind the crash.

“We don’t know if there was an intended target or not,” Morales said.

The driver, approximately 30 years old, drove several loops around the Walmart parking lot before crashing through the front entrance of the store.

At least 70 people witnessed the crash and one woman said the driver sideswiped her car in the parking lot while she was waiting for a spot.

The man was arrested after a brief struggle with police.

Source: Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News


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