San Jose Cop Raped Woman Who Thought She'd Been Taken to Safety (Video)


A San Jose police officer has been charged with rape after he allegedly attacked a woman who thought the officer would protect her from her husband.

The victim was a woman who had been arguing with her husband and did not want to remain at home. The alleged rapist was patrolman Geoffrey Graves of the San Jose Police Department, who reportedly took the woman to a hotel room and assaulted her.

Inside Bay Area reports that Graves was one of four officers to respond to a call about a family disturbance around 2 a.m. on Sept. 22. The couple had been drinking, but there was no sign that any crime had been committed. The woman worked as a hotel maid and told the cops that she wanted to stay the night at her workplace. Graves drove her to the hotel, followed by another officer in a patrol car.

The second officer left to respond to another call, but Graves reportedly stayed for 40 minutes.

According to a statement of probable cause, after initially dropping her off, Graves later knocked on the woman’s door and woke her up.

Pushing her back onto the bed, "the defendant took off parts of his uniform with the exception of his bullet proof vest," the report reads. He removed some of her clothes and proceeded to rape her, while she "resisted with verbal and physical communication.”

"Physical evidence corroborates the victim's allegations. The victim positively identified the defendant during the investigation of this incident," the report also notes.

Graves, 38, is a six-year veteran of the force. He turned himself into police when the allegations came to light and was booked on one count of forcible rape. He quickly posted the $100,000 bail and awaits his March 24th arraignment hearing.

San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel called the disturbing assault an “isolated incident.”

"This is an extremely serious allegation, and if proven true, the officer will be held accountable," Esquivel said in the statement. "While this incident is very troubling and tugs at our integrity, it is an isolated incident and by no means a reflection of our officers who perform their duties with honor and professionalism on a daily basis."

Sources: Inside Bay Area


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