Woman Claims She Ran Over An Officer Because He Was Sexually Harassing Her


San Francisco woman Bo Monsoumbath was arrested and charged with assault last week after she allegedly tried to run over a parking enforcement officer who gave her a ticket.

The 33-year-old was receiving a parking ticket from a city-employed PCO when she allegedly hopped in her car and attempted to run the man over. According to San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Officer Albie Esparza, the officer had to jump onto the hood of Monsoumbath’s Prius in order to prevent being run over.

Monsoumbath continued to drive with the officer on the hood of her car and reportedly hit a motorcyclist during the process. According to Monsoumbath, she made several stops for the officer to get off her car, but he continued to hang on.

In photo evidence captured of the event by witness Allison Yates, it’s evident that Monsoumbath stopped at least once before police cut her off.

"The driver actually got out of her car at least once to stand in the street and scream about how scared she was,” Yates said. “I have no idea why the DPT guy did not get off the car when it was stopped."

Monsoumbath argued that her intention was not to avoid a parking ticket, but instead avoid the officer, who she claims sexually harassed her.

“[He] asked me to do things instead of getting a parking citation,” Monsoumbath said. “Which led me to believe he was posing as a meter maid. Do things, sexually, and I panicked.”

Both the PCO and the motorcyclist were unharmed.

Monsoumbath now faces a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon, her Prius, and a misdemeanor charge of hit and run.

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Sources: The Huffington Post, SFist


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