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San Francisco Threatens to Sue Nevada for Shipping 500 Poor Psych Patients to California

In a letter sent to the Nevada AG, San Francisco City Attorney Daniel Herrera threatened to file a class action lawsuit because of Nevada’s alleged practice of sending their indigent, psychiatric patients to California.

According to the Washington Post, Herrera has given an ultimatum of 20 days to the government of Nevada to reimburse San Francisco alone, $500,000 spent on housing and medical care and adopt interstate transfer rules for psychiatric patients.

Herrera acquired a court subpoena of Greyhound company bus records, discovering the practice nicknamed, “Greyhound therapy.” Since April 2008, Nevada has discharged nearly 500 patients from state-run psychiatric hospital in Las Vegas and bused them to California. California now claims it has spent more than $1,000 on each individual in the form of city services.

Many homeless already flock to cities like San Francisco and Berkeley — liberal enclaves with robust welfare programs and public services. This program merely provides them the necessary transit fare.

"These patients were transported without escorts, without prior arrangements for a responsible party to receive them at their destination, without adequate provisions of medication or food," Herrera said. San Francisco also provides a bus fare program for the homeless but argues theirs are different because there is greater oversight.

The office of the Nevada AG declined to comment citing impending litigation.

Sources: Washington Post, SF Gate


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