San Francisco Restaurant Owner Posts Sign Against 'Hard To Please' Customers (Video)

A restaurant owner in San Francisco temporarily closed his business down after getting fed up with customers that he says are “hard to please.”

James Chu owns So Restaurant in San Francisco, and after dealing with picky customers, he decided that he had had enough. Chu decided that it would be a good idea to post a sign on his restaurant’s front door letting potential patrons know that he wouldn’t be accommodating to their needs.

“We're closed because of you customers,” reads the sign. “Yes, we use MSG! We don't believe in organic food. And we don't give a f**k about gluten-free.”

Chu says that a customer’s refusal to pay led to his temporary closing last week and his decision to post the sign.

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"The second guy came up to me and said, 'The rule is, if we don't like it we don't have to pay,’” claimed Chu to ABC 7. “And as he walked out he started cursing at me and that's when I went poof.”

Chu decided to put up a second sign after his initial one, and that one reads, “We work hard to please everyone, but we know we can't. So if you're a hard to please, please just turn around and go somewhere else. Thanks!”

Chu’s sign has sparked controversy online, and many local residents say they will no longer eat at his restaurant.

“Because of my food preferences, as far as quality goes, I wouldn't choose to eat there, but it is his choice,” said resident Shawn Matson to ABX 7 News.

“Alienating potential customers is never a good idea. Business 101,” reads a tweet about the incident.

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Still, others don’t blame him for his views.

“There are a ton of places to go to get gluten free or non-MSG,” said resident Frank Lange. “There's no reason to turn around and go after a guy trying to run a business.”

Despite some controversy, the restaurant has reportedly received an influx of supportive customers since the sign was posted.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC 7 News


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