San Francisco Police Accused of Jailing Man Overnight Without Charges (Video)


Derek Youmans was reportedly tackled and arrested by police officers at the San Francisco International Airport after asking to shake a cop's hand on Dec. 3.

In a video (below) filmed by Youmans, he identified the police officer as "Keith Parker."

According to, Youmans said that he was waiting in line to board a Southwest airline when a woman accused him and another man of drinking.

In response, Southwest refused to allow the other man and Youmans to board until the following morning at 5 a.m. Youmans insisted that he had not been drinking and didn't know the other man, who did admit to drinking.

Youmans claimed that six San Francisco police officers arrived and told him and the other man to leave the airport.

Youmans had almost left the airport when he decided to file a complaint at the Southwest ticketing counter.

Youmans recalled that he saw Officer Parker nearby and walked over to ask him for his name as part of his complaint.

“I turned on the camera because I had a feeling he wasn’t going to like me asking for his name,” Youmans told

On the video, Youmans got Officer Parker's name and badge number, but when Youmans offered to shake Officer Parker's hand, the cop refused.

Youmans told Officer Parker that he was a "standup individual” and began to walk away.

That's when Youmans says he was tackled by Officer Parker from behind, piled on by more cops, handcuffed and taken to jail where he stayed overnight.

Youmans was not charged with any crime and made his flight to San Diego the next day.

Witness Devaraj Ramsamy told, “I was going one day, Derek was going the other way in the terminal and I saw him extend his hand and the cop was asking, 'Why are you recording me?'"

“[The cop] then slaps him hard and takes him down to the ground and puts his knee to his head. He is yelling ‘stop resisting,’" added Ramsamy. “They tried to make it look as if he was resisting but he wasn’t.”

According to a posting on, Youmans did not touch Officer Parker before he was tackled.

The San Francisco Police Department has not issued a statement, nor has Southwest Airlines.



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