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San Francisco Police Fatally Shoot Driver During Car Chase

Two plainclothes police officers in San Francisco reportedly shot and killed a woman who was driving recklessly and hitting other motorists on Tuesday evening. 

The officers were stopped at a Chevron gas station at Pine Street and Van Ness Avenue conducting a stolen-vehicle investigation when they approached a woman in a Volkswagon sedan, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. It isn't clear whether they suspected her of driving a stolen vehicle. 

The unnamed woman, who was reportedly in her late 20s or early 30s, then allegedly drove her car toward the officers before making a three-point turn, hitting the building, and driving erratically up Pine Street with traffic. 

The police officers followed her, which then prompted the woman to make another three-point turn and drive in the opposite direction of traffic. She drove onto the sidewalk, hitting other cars and almost striking a motorist, according to police.

Both officers shot at least two bullets at the woman because they feared for the safety of others, according to Deputy Chief Hector Sainez. Despite their attempts to get help for the woman, she died at the scene.

No other injuries were reported, although the woman hit several vehicles. 

One witness, whose car was hit by the woman, said she noticed the suspect looked "very frantic" and that "She was frazzled, possibly because she was trapped." Another witness reported hearing between two and six gunshots.

An investigation will be conducted by the San Francisco Police Department, the Office of Citizen Complaints, and city's district attorney's office.

Souce: San Francisco Chronicle

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle, Josh Beasley/Flickr


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