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San Francisco Mother Killed in Hit-and-Run By Park Vehicle

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An unidentified woman sitting in a San Francisco park with her eight-month-old baby daughter and dog was run over by a park maintenance vehicle Thursday and died in the hospital.

Around 2 p.m., the driver struck the woman, managing to avoid the child and dog, and fled the scene.

The 35-year-old woman was taken to San Francisco General Hospital and was pronounced dead from her injuries.

Police immediately went door-to-door asking if there had been witnesses to the crime.

The driver was later identified and questioned after police found an abandoned Recreation and Park vehicle not far from Holly Park.

"The pink bag, the blanket and stuff, I can see it from the street," Rev. Nathaniel Riley, a witness, said. "She was laying face down there."

The woman’s daughter is now in her father’s custody, and the dog is with Animal Care and Control.

“The idea that you can go into a park with your baby and be run over is impossible to imagine,” Police Supervisor David Campos said. “Something went wrong here. We can't have anything like this happen again.”

The unnamed driver had been an employee of the Park Department since 2006, and now faces a felony hit-and-run charge, according to police.

Those who live near or around the park have questioned why an employee would drive on the grass, which is often highly populated by people, children and dogs.

Sources: DailyMail, KTVU


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