San Francisco Cops Kill Man Holding Knife, Video Contradicts Police Version (Video)


San Francisco police fatally shot a man armed with a knife on Dec. 2, but the police version of the incident appears to contradict a cellphone video (below) of the shooting.

According to police, the man was suspected of stabbing another individual, and officers initially tried to stop him with nonlethal beanbags, notes

Police Chief Greg Suhr told the media the video, which was originally posted on Instagram, confirmed that the man “does have the knife in his hand and he does move toward officers.”

Suhr added that the video does “appear to show the officers encircled and they appear to show the suspect moving toward the one officer before the shots were fired.”

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi said, “the person was not posing a direct threat and certainly did not have to be shot.”

He added: “It does not look like the officer who fired the fatal shots was in immediate danger of being killed. [The officer] can move back and at least order the person to the ground or use some other sort of defensive maneuver, rather than using a gun and shooting him point-blank.”

While several police officers surround the suspect with their guns drawn, the suspect walks to his right, away from police.

As the suspect tries to walk away, a police officer clearly steps in his path, note and

The cellphone camera turns away right before the police fire at least 15 shots.

Police officers at the scene reportedly called paramedics, but they were not able to revive the man, who died at the scene.

​ notes: "Prior to the video surfacing, San Francisco police were telling the local media that the man was only 'injured.'"

Sources:, / Photo credit: Instagram/YouTube Screenshot

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