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San Francisco Bus Driver Doesn't Want Woman In Wheelchair On Bus (Video)

Videos (below) of a San Francisco bus driver initially refusing to allow a woman in a wheelchair to board his bus on June 2 were recently released.

The videos, which were edited to show different angles, show Liz Henry being denied entry while the bus driver allows other people to board, notes

"Now what you gotta to do is probably catch the best, catch the next one ... Catch the next one!" the bus driver tells Henry, who politely insists she has the right to ride the bus.

At one point, the bus driver yells at Henry: "You don’t demand nothing. There’s a guy in a white truck if you want to complain. He’s right there.”

After claiming multiple times that the bus was too full, the bus driver eventually allows Henry on the bus, but not without giving her a hard time.

Henry states on her blog:

"First the driver refuses to let me on. He then pulls the bus up to me, and we argue further. His arguments included, that he isn’t allowed to let people on except exactly at the stop; that he has inspectors watching him; then, that there isn’t room. He then lets the ramp down. I get on, he yells some more, then he gets up again to tell me I can’t sit in the bus seat but must sit in my scooter. I refuse. The bus then moves on and the video jumps to when I get off the bus, the last person to get off near the end of the line downtown. I ask the driver for his badge number, he gives it, then he yells at me some more."

The bus driver also mocked Henry as she exited the bus: "You gonna complain anyway, that’s how you all you is! Hahaha! You all complain anyways. I hope you do. Because you shouldn’t even be on the bus sittin' down (unintelligible). So write whatever you want up!"

The bus driver then swears.

Henry says she has filed a formal complaint with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency about the incident and there will be a hearing.

Officials are investigating the incident, reports CBS San Francisco.

Sources:,, CBS San Francisco / Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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