San Francisco to Ban Apple Over Green Credentials


San Francisco city officials may soon be banned from buying Apple computers, for official business, after the tech company dropped out of a green certification plan called the 'Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)'.

Melanie Nutter, director of San Francisco’s Department of Environment, said: “We are disappointed that Apple chose to withdraw from EPEAT, and we hope that the city saying it will not buy Apple products will make Apple reconsider its participation.”

Kristin Huguet, an Apple spokeswoman, responded: “Apple takes a comprehensive approach to measuring our environmental impact and all of our products meet the strictest energy efficiency standards backed by the US government, energy star 5.2."

"We also lead the industry by reporting each product’s greenhouse gas emissions on our website, and Apple products are superior in other important environmental areas not measured by EPEAT, such as removal of toxic materials.”

Electronics companies pay to be a member of the EPEAT plan, which measures products for energy efficiency and how easy products are disassembled for recycling. The plan does not cover tablets and smartphones, such as the iPad and iPhone.


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