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San Francisco Airport Arrests Rideshare Drivers

San Francisco International Airport officials have been arresting drivers from rideshare companies that pick up and drop off passengers.

Rideshare companies (Lyft, Sidecar and Uber) were sent cease and desist letters from the airport back in April. Rideshare drivers are now being arrested for unlawful trespassing.

Many of the drivers are working students, semi-retired people and single parents who ask for donations, notes CBS San Francisco.

There have been seven citizen arrests since July 10, stated Airport spokesman Doug Yakel.

The California Public Utilities Commission is analyzing how to regulate the popular rideshare companies, which can be contacted via mobile app on a user's cell phone.

However, taxi drivers are demanding that city officials and regulatory agencies classify rideshare companies as illegal taxi services. Cabbies call rideshare services a “clear public safety hazard.”

There is no evidence that rideshare drivers are any less safe than taxi drivers.

Representatives from Lyft, Uber and Sidecar have not commented.

Source: CBS San Francisco


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