San Francisco 49ers Fans Fight Over Bathroom Stall (Video)


A brutal fight between some football fans inside a men's bathroom during the San Francisco 49ers-Kansas City Chiefs game left one man unconscious at Levi’s Stadium yesterday.

"Alex C" filmed the incident (video below) and stated on YouTube: “First thing that happened when entering bathroom. All due to impatience for an open stall."

In the video, the first man appears to knock a second man unconscious, then a third man joins the first man in knocking a fourth man to the floor and beating his face. All the men are wearing 49ers jerseys.

Dario Rebollero and Amador Rebollero were arrested, charged with an assault felonies and booked into the Santa Clara County Jail, reports CBS San Francisco.

The two victims were taken to the hospital. One was in serious condition with a head injury.

49ers spokesperson Roger Hackers told ABC 7 News in an email: "The 49ers are aware of the incident and have been in close contact with Santa Clara police to assist in any way possible on the matter."

Sources: ABC 7 News, CBS San Francisco


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