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Woman Charged With Battery For Reaching For Cop's Name Tag (Video)

A San Diego woman who was pulled over during a traffic stop was charged with battery and resisting arrest because she reached for a deputy's name tag.

The entire incident was captured on an officer’s lapel camera.

“I want your full name, officer,” Bana Mouwakeh tells Sheriff’s Deputy Agustin Rosas Verion in the video.

Verion was attempting to issue her a speeding ticket, but Mouwakeh says he repeatedly ignored her requests to know his name.

She reaches for his name badge and the deputy says: “Now you’re going to jail.”

The deputy opens her car door and yanks her from the car.

“Your name was covered,” she explains, but he continues to pull her to the ground. Two other officers assist him in handcuffing her.

“I have a bad hip,” she says. “How dare you! How dare you!"

She told the officers she is scheduled to have hip surgery and that she uses a cane to walk.

"The reaction was way too excessive," she told CBS 8.

She says the arrest caused her both physical and emotional pain.

"My right wrist was handcuffed so tight it cut off the circulation to my fingers, and I still get numbness in that right hand," she said.

In his report, Deputy Veroin said Mouwakeh repeatedly yelled at him when he asked for her license and registration. He called her touch “willful and unlawful force” against him.

Mouwakeh was charged with battery and resisting arrest. Her attorney Mary Francis Provost says they will fight the charges.

"In order for someone to be convicted of battery, they have to have intended an offensive touch, and that didn't happen in this case," Prevost said.

Sources: Daily MailCBS 8


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