San Diego Traffic Stop Goes Horribly Wrong


Another officer in the line of duty has been killed subsequent to the recent slayings of eight police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

It was July 28 at around 11 p.m. when the San Diego Police Department proclaimed on Twitter that two cops had been shot during a traffic stop.

The two officers immediately radioed for emergency cover. Video footage shows a helicopter buzzing overhead, numerous police vehicles with emergency lights, and officers on foot.

“BREAKING: Two #SDPD Officers have been shot tonight. Their condition is unknown. Keep them in your prayers,” the tweet read.

The Independent Journal reports that one of the two officers died at the hospital after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds to his upper torso. The unnamed officer leaves behind two children and a wife, according to SPD Chief Shelley Zimmerman.

When asked about informing the fallen officer's family about his death, Zimmerman said, according to Fox News. “It is extremely difficult, but something you have to do. There’s nothing that prepares you to do that.”

The deceased officer's partner was shot in the upper torso and had emergency surgery, but is expected to make a full recovery, reports Independent Journal.

Both officers were part of the police department’s gang suppression unit.

A suspect has been apprehended in connection to the shooting and authorities have ended their search for other accomplices, saying they think the killer “acted alone.”

However, the investigation into the shooting is continuing and SPD is still trying to figure out the motive and whether or not this was a “targeted act” against police.

Some citizens have spoken out about the event and say they’re “sick” of hearing about police officers getting killed for “simply doing their job.”

“It’s time for all police officers to be issued bullet proof vests and all the safety equipment they need to help save their lives from these murderers. Mandatory life sentences with no parole, no exceptions for these monsters,” Judi Healey wrote on Facebook.

Randy Hall says:

“All too often I wake up to horrible news; my thoughts and prayers go out to the family’s and to SDPD. Thanks to the officers out there that I can wake up and go about my business without worrying about the criminal element. Be careful out there, we mourn with you… God Bless.”

Sources: Independent Journal, Fox News / Photo credit: SDPD/Twitter via Independent Journal

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