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San Diego Police Detective Shoots and Kills Pit Bull That Attacked Him and FBI Agent

A San Diego Police detective shot and killed a Pit Bull that attacked him and an FBI agent during a probation compliance check at a Mount Hope-area home on Wednesday.

The officers had instructed the occupant of the house to secure her two dogs but one of the Pit Bulls got loose and went after the two law-enforcement officers outside the house in the 700 block of 40th Street, near F Street, about 9 a.m., according to San Diego police.

Elaine Magana, the dog’s owner, said she had both Pit Bulls locked in her room, but that one of the officers, an FBI agent, wanted the dogs out of the room.

She took the dogs out, but let go of the leash and the Pit Bull attacked a detective in the backyard.

"There wasn't supposed to be anyone back there," Magana said.

The officers reported they were standing in a side yard when the Pit Bull charged them and bit the detective on the left leg. When he tried to push it away, it bit him on the right hand, San Diego Police Lt. Eric Hays told reporters.

The federal agent attempted to subdue the animal by striking it with a baton but the dog turned and bit his hand. At that point the detective drew his service pistol and shot the animal three times, Hays said.

"He was a big dog … I'm not going to lie to you. For a puppy, he was a big dog,"  Gloria Verdugo, a renter in the home, told 10News.

The Pit Bull’s owner, Elaine Magana, said, "They shot him in the neck three or four times."

The 17-month-old male Pit Bull died at the scene with the FBI agent’s glove still in its mouth, the lieutenant said. The detective's pants were badly ripped from the attack.

Emergency medical responders took the victims to a hospital for treatment of their wounds.

There were warning signs to “Beware of Dogs” hand painted across the fence surrounding the home because the Pit Bull had reportedly previously bitten someone else.

(Mont Hope is a hilly neighborhood in the southeastern portion of the City of San Diego, California.)

Sources: 10 News, San Diego 6


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