San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of MAIG Allegedly Asked Coworker to Work Without Panties


San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is in hot water for allegedly subjecting a former aide to sexual harassment. A lawsuit filed Monday in California alleges that Filner told a former aide to “get naked” and work without panties.

Filner has already released a statement that reads, “I am saddened by the charges that were leveled against me today. Once due process is allowed to unfold, I am certain there will be a better understanding of this situation ... I do not believe these claims are valid. That is why due process is so important. I intend to defend myself vigorously and I know that justice will prevail.”

Putting aside the question of whether the allegations are true, Filner is not painting a very pretty picture of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The Michael Bloomberg-backed group has had its fair share of scandals with members who have been convicted of bribery, money laundering, child molestation and other charges. MAIG can now add sexual harassment to the list of allegations.

The membership of MAIG continues to dwindle, exacerbated by the fact that many of the members have lost their seats because of failed reelection campaigns. At this rate, it might not be long before Bloomberg is the only remaining member of MAIG.

Of course, the fact that politicians commit crimes is hardly surprising, and just because members of MAIG commit crimes that does not mean that their political stances are invalid. If every political position was dismissed because it was supported by a corrupt politician, then Congress would quickly run out of pending legislation.

What are your thoughts on the story? Do you think that Filner’s alleged crime exposes the hypocrisy of MAIG? Do you think that a politician’s crimes has no impact on the validity of his political beliefs?

Source: Examiner


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