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San Diego High School Published $90 X-Rated Year Book?

Officials at University City High School in San Diego apologized Friday after parents discovered X-rated content they published in their 2013 yearbook.

Several students submitted sexually suggestive hashtags that were printed under their yearbook photos. Some of the comments referred to anal sex and masturbation. Teachers and staff proofreaders failed to notice the explicit nature of what was printed.

The $90 yearbook became available this week. Unidentified parents brought the issue to the school’s attention, saying the students who wrote the explicit comments need to be protected from their own immaturity.

School principal Jeff Olivero sent a letter to parents apologizing for the mistake.

"Each year, some of our students do not use good judgment ... For that reason, we have several staff members read through the entire yearbook before it is sent to press to try to ensure that comments are not offensive and keep with our Centurion ideals,” the letter said.

"Unfortunately, there are a few 'messages' that slipped through our review. Our entire staff, and I'm sure a vast majority of our students, regret if anyone has been offended by these statements."

He promised the proofreaders would be more careful in the future.

Be warned that these images contain sexually explicit language: The three uncensored high school pictures and hashtags can be found here.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS 8 Local


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