San Diego Couple Kicked Off Las Vegas Flight for Speaking Russian?

Last week, several passengers were kicked off an airplane for speaking Russian. In all, six people, including a business owner, accountant and teacher, were removed from the flight because the stewardesses “were intimidated by us speaking a different language,” Dmitry Bitman and wife Sana told reporters

The group was going to an anniversary party aboard a Spirit Airlines flight when, 10 minutes after getting to their seats, they were removed from the plane.

Bitman said he and others were discussing the party in their native Russian tongue when a worker aboard the flight approached and said, “This row needs to get up and leave now.”

The passengers were reportedly given no warning prior to being forced off the plane.

Per HuffPo, "a separate employee later indicated the stewardesses may have been intimidated by the group speaking a different language."

In a cell phone video of the event, a worker tells the group “You didn’t hear it.” The airline worker went on to say the group had been talking too loudly and ignored requests for them to lower their voices. The Russians, however, say they never heard any warnings.

The group is preparing to sue the airline.

Sources: HuffingtonPost, Inquisitr


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