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San Diego Cops Allow Dog To Bite Handcuffed Black Man (Video)

San Diego Cops Allow Dog To Bite Handcuffed Black Man (Video) Promo Image

Facebook user Angel Nunez filmed a San Diego police officer turning a K-9 unit loose on a shirtless black man, who continued to be bitten by the dog despite being handcuffed on July 9 (video below).

Nunez posted two clips (which have been combined on YouTube) of the incident, and described what happened on Facebook:

So today at work I was able to capture this go down. This K-9 officer had no control of his K-9. There is something definitely wrong with this picture. The officer doesn't seem to have the proper training. Also that dog is not [well] trained......

Snap clip I captured......clearly you hear the Officer scream a command in a distinctive language at the K-9. why was the same command not giving to release the suspect????

In the first part of the video, the shirtless man is involved in some sort of confrontation with the officer, who orders the dog to attack him. After the shirtless man is handcuffed and is lying on the ground, the officer allows the dog to bite the man's arm. This continues even after two more cops show up on the scene to secure the man's feet.

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When bystanders begin yelling at the police to release the dog's bite, the cops yell at the witnesses to get back.

The Free Thought Project contacted the San Diego Police Department, but has reportedly not heard back. The police department has not issued a comment on its Facebook page.

San Diego police body camera video released in December 2016 showed the cops ordering a police dog to attack an unarmed naked man who was mauled by the animal in August 2015, reported KNBC.

At the time, the K-9 officer noted in his report that "due to the immediate threat I did not have an opportunity to give K-9 warnings," and added that the nude man "posed an immediate threat to officers due to the fact he was clinching his fists and walking towards them."

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The City of San Diego ended up paying $385,000 to the naked man for the actions of the police.

Back on Nunez's Facebook page, people were outraged over this latest police dog attack:

They never commanded the dog to release. The K-9 is supposed to be trained to follow commands, this more than likely isn't a failure on the dog's part but just the animal following through with exactly what it was trained to do: attacking and not releasing despite being fought until its handler instructed it to let go. The problem is, yet ANOTHER police officer doesn't know what he's doing and never commanded the dog to release and instead started strangling it with its collar.

And there is white folks hear saying he resisting arrest and the poor lil dog was jus doing his job smh.

Tax payer's get to pay another lawsuit for another untrained officer's mistake!!! How many so far? Can you count the coins???

That officer was ill trained on how to handle his dog. Now the man will have permanent injuries to his arm... case for a lawsuit. He was already cuffed and not a threat for the K9 to continue to attack.

Get rid of terribly trained police! It's absolutely disgraceful. How can anyone be proud to be an America with these thugs running around like a bunch of preschool kids with guns and dogs. Smh

Sources: Angel Nunez/Facebook (2), The Free Thought Project, KNBC / Photo credit: Tomas Del Coro/Flickr, Michael/Flickr, Mesa0789/Flickr

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