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San Diego Cop On Trial After Fight With EMT, Paramedic (Video)

San Diego parking enforcement officer Anibal Solis got into a bizarre confrontation with two first responders inside a 7-Eleven in San Diego, California, in April 2014.

Solis, who works for the San Diego Police Department, is currently on trial for allegedly assaulting a paramedic and  emergency medical technician.

Solis' lawyer claimed this week that the officer was called a "F--- Nazi" by one member of the ambulance crew when the three men passed at the store's door, noted 10 News (video below).

However, the medical personnel, Derek Shubin and Steve Cogle, claim they never spoke to Solis when he walked out of the store.

Surveillance video from the 7-Eleven does show Solis coming back in and confronting Shubin.

"Extremely heated and then that's when he continued to tell me that he would f*** me up," Shubin stated in court this week. "And immediately after I shoved him back is when he took a left swing, striking me on my right side jaw."

Later in the video, Cogle grabbed Solis from behind, but released him. Solis, who is reportedly a former amateur boxer, punched Cogle.

Solis' defense attorneys claim that Cogle used a chokehold, which made Solis fear for his life. But the video shows Solis coming after Cogle after he was released, noted The Free Thought Project. Solis also re-entered the store to confront Shubin.

In addition to Solis' criminal trial, Cogle and Shubin have filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, 10 News
Image Credit: 10 News Screenshot


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