San Diego Cop Christopher Wilson Killed in Shootout

Chrtisopher Wilson, a veteran San Diego police officer, was killed in a shootout with a suspect Wednesday night, which led to a standoff with more police. When it was all over, a man and a woman were dead, and three people were under arrest.

It all began when a U.S. marshal and county probation officers, accompanied by San Diego police, went to an apartment building to serve a warrant for probation violation.

As they were taking that man into custody, police saw another man in the apartment, and recognized him as a suspect in an assault case.

That man ran into a back bedroom and fired at police through the closed door. Officers returned fire.

Wilson was hit, and died later at a hospital.

After the shooting, a standoff lasted several hours. It ended when a SWAT team lobbed tear gas into the apartment and stormed in, exchanging more gunfire. When the smoke cleared, two people were dead, and three others were arrested.

It's not clear if the police bullets killed the man and woman, or if the injuries were self-inflicted.

As for Wilson, he was on the force for 17 years -- and apparently one of the good guys.

“He was popular, funny, extremely bright and a consummate professional,” said San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, who was the city's police chief in the 1990s. He choked back tears during a news conference, saying. “It was routine for other officers to pay him the compliment by calling him ‘good cover.’ In other words, you always knew Officer Wilson had your back.”

He is survived by two teenage children and an ex-wife.


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