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San Diego Businesswomen Shocked By Boa Constrictor In Office Toilet (Photo)

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Two San Diego businesswomen were shocked when they found a 5-foot boa constrictor slithering out of the toilet in their office.

Stephanie Lacsa and Holly Wells of Vertical PR and Marketing noticed something was off when the toilet water was higher than usual. Lacsa grabbed a toilet plunger, but was taken aback when she saw something coming out of the toilet.

The two women reportedly saw a flickering tongue then ran out of the bathroom. Lacsa even taped the bathroom door shut.

“As soon as I saw the flicker of its tongue, I definitely knew that it was, in fact, a large snake heading straight toward me,” Lacsa said.

Lacsa said the event was a nightmare.

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services officials eventually arrived and found that the snake had exited the toilet and coiled up behind it. Although Lacsa and Wells said they were used to old pipes and stubborn plumbing, since their office building was built in 1886, they never expected a snake to find its way in.

Animal control officers have since captured the snake and taken it to a veterinarian. It weighed about 5 pounds and was shedding when it arrived to the vet’s office. The snake, identified specifically as a Colombian rainbow boa, was also a bit grouchy and ended up biting a handler.

It’s unclear how the snake made its way into the sewer system.

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Sources: Fox News, L.A. Times / Photo Credit: KSWB/Stephanie Lacsa


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