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San Bernardino Man Davion Titus Accidentally Shoots, Kills Himself

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San Bernardino man Davion Titus accidentally shot himself Saturday after carrying a revolver in his waistband with the hammer cocked.

The 22-year-old was sitting outside his apartment with a woman when she heard a noise and asked Titus to investigate. He proceeded to retrieve his gun from the apartment and search the area for the source of the noise.

When Titus failed to discover anything, he returned to the apartment and talked with the woman for some time, keeping the revolver in his waistband.

Titus moved to adjust himself and accidently caused the gun to fire.

The shot was fired at 6:04 a.m., according to a San Bernardino Police Department news release.

“It must have dislodged,” Sgt. Gary Robertson said of the single-action Freedom Arms 454 Casull. “The only way that goes off is with the hammer cocked.”

Police arrived at an apartment complex on the 3000 block of North Golden Avenue where Titus was found suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper torso.

Titus was eventually pronounced dead at the scene.

Sources: PEBloggers, The San Bernardino Sun


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